What We Do

The Association manages the public environment's centralised services like security, landscape and irrigation, cleaning and litter control, public lighting and others.

The direct services of the Association are focused on providing a well maintained and secure Office Estate.    The bigger and underlying purpose of the Association is to play a central role in creating and capacitating an effective community.    To achieve its purpose, the Association, under direction of the Board provides a management structure and contracts with service providers in respect of security, landscaping, maintenance, design review [including signage] and administrationThe Association collects levies from members to pay these service providers in respect of the operational requirements of the office estate.

The Association does not manage the individual buildings within the Office Estate.   

As members of the Association, property owners are bound by the Rules of Association with regards inter alia construction procedures, signage and behaviour.

The Board of Directors serves the Association on a voluntary basis.